tirsdag 5. oktober 2010

Cataclysm is coming - Are you prepared?


It's been quite a while since I last had the time to write another post, mostly due to a lot of work at school (and partially due to being addicted to Starcraft 2).

Today I want to discuss somewhat the same as everyone else - namely Cataclysm!
It has recently been announced that the official date of release will be December 7th. For the players that are into the gold making game, this means one thing; preparations!

But what really should we do to fully prepare ourselves? I will be going into what my personal preparations will be, and I hope any eventual readers might fill in with whatever they are doing.


Commonly known, there will be inflation on lots of items in the World of Warcraft when Cataclysm launches. Common players / farmers will no longer farm ores/herbs/leathers/cloth from Wotlk content, but rather move on to the Cataclysm ones. You might ask yourself;

"What will that do with the economy?".
Certain items that no longer will have a steady supply, which still are going to be in great demand due to newly rolled Goblins / Worgens, will increase their value. Also, rare items, that no longer will be farmed on a good basis, will inflate and increase massively in value.

"What should I do to get a slice of the cake?"
If you yet haven't started stockpiling materials and items, that will increase their value, the time to start sure is nigh. Players will be dumping tons of items on the Auction House now that they know that Cataclysm is coming. This is where you come in. This is the time you got to buy up all the cheap items that you will profit by saving into Cataclysm.

"Well then, which items should I stockpile?"
Any items that will be low on supply and high on demand is items that generally will be great to stockpile. As for my own part, I have been focusing mainly on stockpiling large amounts of cheap:
- Saronite Ore / Bar
- Cobalt Ore / Bar
- Herbs (from ~STV quality and up)
- Enchanting materials from BC and LK
- Uncommon LK gems
- Rare LK gems
- Vendor pets (Stormspire, Dalaran, Horde and Alliance faction cities, Tournament pets)
- Netherweave Cloth as Bolts

These are all items that will be in high demand during Cataclysm, with most of them having rather low supply. All ores/bars/herbs/ench. mats/gems will be wanted by newly rolled Goblins / Worgens to skill their professions up quickly. I expect to be selling thousands of bags during early Cataclysm, hopefully for more than 30g each, which would mean roughly 1000% profit on my server. The Vendor Pets will decrease in supply, and rise in demand, due to newly rolled Goblins / Worgens.
The main reason I do not stockpile Leather: Most Worgens will pick Skinning/LW due to passive racials, which will cause the prices to drop quickly.

So, what are you saving up for Cataclysm?

onsdag 1. september 2010

How can you turn 1000 gold into 2000 gold?

Gold Blogging Carnival
Markco from the site Justmytwocopper is currently  hoasting a Gold Blogging Carnival this week. His topic is "How can you turn 1000 gold into 2000 gold?", which simply means that all participants will be writing a short guide to what they would do to be doubling that 1000 gold, preferably as quick as possible.

I am participating
As I have just started blogging myself, and have been an active reader of Markco's forums, I thought that I would participate to this Carnival.

What I would do
After the introduction of patch 3.3, Emblems of Triumph drop everywhere, and people use them to buy Epic Uncut Gems, or Crusader Orbs. Along with that half the server will farm ToC every single week, this makes Crusader Orbs appearing on the Auction House in much larger supply, and much lower prices.

Usually I will buy Crusader Orbs whenever they go below 90g each, but for this I will make the assumption of having to buy all materials straight from the AH at that time.

What I do is simply to craft 1 x Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers, which is made by Tailoring (requires skill 450 and BoE recipe dropping from ToC).
This recipe requires:
4 x Crusader Orbs            = 4 x 90g   = 360g
8 x Spellweave                  = 8 x 45g   = 360g
1 x Majestic Zircon          = 1 x 110g  = 110g
1 x Cardinal Ruby             = 1 x 100g  = 100g
1 x Eye of Zul                       = 1 x 70      = 70g
Total                                                               = 990g

So I simply invest roughly 1000 gold into creating this item, and then I will sell it. Post it on the Auction House for up to 2.5k gold (or let's say 2k gold exactly for this example). Also remember to announce in trade that you got one for sale, as few players will check out the materials required, or they don't want to go through the hassle of buying mats, finding crafter etc.

Trust me when I say, if you announce it in trade chat a couple of times, and you're the cheapest poster on the AH, the item will sell during the day!

That was my simple method of turning 1000 gold into 2000 gold, I hope you will enjoy it!

Best regards, Ivanas.

The Game Begins

The Game Begins 
Today, September 1st, I have hereby started this blog that will describe my way towards the gold cap within World of Warcraft.

I am an 18 year old guy, living in Norway. I go to school, where I currently am studying maths and physics mainly. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing Martial Arts (Karate), go to work, and of course play World of Warcraft.

I have been playing since mid Vanilla, when I levelled a Hunter to 47 before BC was released personaly, although raiding quite some content on a friends account. During BC and Wotlk I have been raiding a lot, but also stepping my feet inside higher ranked Arenas as well.
Upon the introduction of 3.3, I suddenly got to realise that there's much more to this game than only PvP and PvE, namely 'Money Making'.

Gold making
When I got into this aspect of the game, I got rather consumed by it, and I must say that over the last months it has been rather addictive. I got a few 'heroes', people that I admire regarding their capability to post on their blogs, to theorycraft, to make the amounts of gold they have, and their personalities in general.
I'll name the ones I feel I've learned the most from:
- Markco (Justmytwocopper)
- Gevlon (Greedy Goblin)
- Stokpile
I strongly suggest any readers to check out these guys' blogs, as they're the world's elite within the subject.

The Future
Regarding the future, it seems I will be playing in Cataclysm, with the goal of achieving 1'000'000 gold during it.

Best regards, Ivanas.